Nina's Story

Our Why

It felt like I was having a heart attack. Again. And again. And again. My blood pressure was erratic. I had almost constant angina and shortness of breath. Then the fatigue set in. My ankles swelled and a day without a headache was a gift. 10 cardiologists, 5 years and dozens of misdiagnoses later, I was forced to figure it out myself.

Two weeks after my self-diagnosis was confirmed, I was across the country having open heart surgery because I was only getting 40% blood flow to my heart. And my risk of having a heart attack or stroke was high.

We all deserve a compassionate and empathetic health journey from diagnosis to treatment and after care. Not just for the large life events, but the small ones too.

MODHealth was launched to serve people the information they need in a relevant way so they can focus on the moments that matter.

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